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AI Proposal Generator, lead scoring, analytics for upwork.

Browser extension that uses AI to improve results for freelancers and companies on Upwork. AI Tools for Upwork offers features such as job post rating, proposal generation, question answering, Pipedrive CRM sync, and more. 

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Power Up Your Upwork Success with Upwex

AI-Powered Tools for Freelancers and Companies

Feature #1

Job Rating / Job Scoring

Feature #2

AI-Powered Proposal Generator

Feature #3

AI-Powered Q&A

Feature #4

Analytics and Reporting

Feature #5

Deal Management

Feature #6

Integration with Pipedrive CRM

How it works?

Job Rating

Extension analyzes Upwork job postings using AI to assist freelancers and companies in finding suitable projects faster. All job posts are rated based on the client’s and job’s history.

AI-Powered Proposal Generator

Automatic upwork proposal generator based on job post analysis. It helps freelancers and companies create professional proposals quickly, increasing their chances of successfully securing a project.

AI-Powered Q&A

Technical response generation to job post questions on Upwork. It saves time communicating with potential clients and increases efficiency for freelancers and companies.

Integration with Pipedrive CRM

Contact and message synchronization with Pipedrive CRM: Upwex.io allows the synchronization of contacts and messages with Pipedrive CRM, providing an easy integration between the two platforms.

Deal Management

Enables users to create deals in Pipedrive CRM directly from Upwork. It helps freelancers and companies keep all project data in one place, simplifying management and reporting.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and reporting features for tracking project conversion and success. It helps freelancers and companies make data-driven decisions and improve their performance.

Upwex is powered by OpenAI and Upwex’s proprietary machine learning technology.

Upwex is the #1 Upwork automation tool and by far the most secure app.

Upwex is #1 for integrating Pipedrive CRM with Upwork.

Streamline and optimize lead sourcing with Upwex's intelligent tools.
Upwex equips you with precise analytics to fine-tune sales strategies.
Oversee company growth with Upwex's holistic analytics and data-driven decisions.
Benefit from seamless CRM integrations, making sales processes efficient and cohesive.

Upwork to Pipedrive Integration

Easily create and manage deals in Pipedrive CRM directly from Upwork with Upwex.io’s seamless integration.

AI Chrome Extension for Upwork

Enhances Upwork with job analysis, proposal generation, Q&A, Pipedrive CRM sync, deal creation, and analytics.

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Rating for job posts

Extension analyzes Upwork job postings using AI to assist freelancers and companies in finding suitable projects faster. All job posts are rated based on the client’s and job’s history.

AI Proposal and Q&A

AI-based tool that automates proposal creation and assists in answering client questions. Upwork proposal generator AI – this is the best cover letter for your client.

Sync wyth CRM

Easily synchronize your contacts and messages with your CRM platform, streamlining the integration between the two platforms.


Boost your Upwork success with Upwex AI Powered Tools for Freelancers and Companies.

We help 10,000+ people improve their success on Upwork by providing AI-powered tools.

Upwex works with:


Kickstart your journey with essential tools—perfect for those ready to dive into the future of efficient freelancing.


Rising Talent

Elevate Your Game! Gain more with 120 AI requests and enhanced support. Ideal for emerging talents aiming for the top

8.99 $/month

Top Rated

Achieve Excellence! Advanced features with 300 AI requests and Pipedrive CRM integration. Designed for top-rated professionals seeking superior results.


Top Rated Plus

Dominate Your Field! Premium access with 450 AI requests, priority support, and more. For elite freelancers who demand the best tools and support.



Ultimate Freelancer Toolkit! Maximize potential with 600 AI requests, full analytics, and exclusive support. The definitive choice for expert-vetted professionals.


Most asked questions from our customers

Explore the most frequently asked questions by our valued customers and find answers to all your inquiries.

What is Upwex Chrome Extension?

Upwex is a Chrome extension designed to streamline the freelancing process on Upwork, providing users with advanced features to enhance productivity and efficiency.

What kind of features does Upwex provide?

Upwex offers a variety of features, including AI proposal and Q&A, CRM synchronization, job post rating, and more.

Is Upwex secure to use?

Yes, Upwex Chrome Extension is completely secure to use, as it only requires read-only access to your Upwork account and does not store any personal data.

Can I use Upwex with other CRMs?

Currently, Upwex Chrome Extension is only compatible with Pipedrive CRM.

Is Upwex free to use?

We have a free trial version of Upwex Chrome Extension for all Upwork users, but to access all the features and capabilities of the product, a subscription payment is required.

Boost your Upwork success with Upwex's AI-powered tools.

Streamline your workflow and land more projects today.

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